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American Recycling Center is a trusted supplier for premium rubber granules. Our high quality granulated rubber can be used for playground surfacing, arena footing, sports surfacing, and more. This material can be spreader-applied or paved with the appropriate equipment in conjunction with an approved binder. We offer recycled black rubber granules that are pure, clean cut and free of contaminants. Our colored rubber options, such as Rosehill TPV and PremARC™ EPDM, are made from 100% virgin materials.

Our Products

Black Rubber Granules

Our premium blend of recycled black rubber granules is made from an ambient grinding process that uses only the finest raw materials. The rubber is generated from molding processes that make quality safety surfacing. We can custom grind to any granulate size.
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Rosehill TPV Colored Rubber Granules

Offering a wide range of vibrant colors, Rosehill TPV can be used as safety surfacing for various purposes. The material is produced using only the highest quality virgin polymer, antioxidants, pigments and UV stabilizers available.
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PremARC™ Colored EPDM Rubber

Made from 100% virgin materials, PremARC™ EPDM Colored Rubber is known for its outstanding properties and resilience. The colored rubber granules can be used in play areas, general sports surfacing, swimming pool surrounds and more.
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Turf Infill

PremARC™ Turf Infill is a NON tire recycled material, you will find this high grade mixed polymer product to be an ideal choice for most artificial turf projects.
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Scrap Rubber Recycling

We recycle millions of pounds of industrial scrap rubber, blending many suppliers together. This product is then distributed to different markets. This is a cost effective alternative to a landfill.

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