Equestrian Arena Footing

What is PremARC™ Arena Footing?

  • PremARC™ is a recycled industrial rubber, free of all contaminants to begin with, so this insures our guarantee of 100% free of any wire, metal, or other foreign material.
  • The rubber granules used for our footing material are the very same as professional athletes train on.
  • PremARC™ can be custom ground to fit your individual needs in order to match the product size to your specific discipline.

Why Use PremARC™ Arena Footing?

horse arena footing

Protects Your Valuable Investment:

Our shock absorbing horse arena footing reduces the possibility of joint stress and injury to your horses.

Reduce Compaction of the Riding Surface:

PremARC™ suspends your natural materials so that as your horse works, the footing doesn’t become compacted nearly as quickly. It literally keeps your arena in a state that emulates a freshly harrowed surface for hours longer.

Helps Reduce Freezing in the Cold Temperatures:

In most outdoor and some indoor applications, PremARC™ will lengthen the riding season. The freezing point of rubber is very low which enables the surface materials to remain loose and not completely freeze.

Helps Reduce Dust and Material Breakdown Problems:

PremARC™ is screened to remove harmful rubber dust. The pure rubber granules do not decompose as some natural footings will. PremARC™ will help prevent your sand from natural breakdown, causing dust, from riding and maintaining your area. Because of this, you will not have to replenish the materials in your arena surface.

Application, Installation and Pricing

horse arena footing

Surface Preparation:

Proper drainage and leveling of your existing surface is highly recommended. It is imperative to have a solid, well-constructed base. Should you have questions regarding proper arena construction, please call our representative or contact us.


PremARC™ works best when applied at 1″ – 1 1/2 ” to a dustless sand, for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Length x Width of Arena = Sq. Ft.

  • For 1″ of PremARC™ multiply Sq. Ft. By 2.49 lbs
    For 1-1/2″ of Equine Turf™ PremARC™ Arena Footing, multiply Sq. Ft. By 3.7 lbs
    (Example: Arena: 66′ x 200′ = 13,200 sq. Ft.
    13,200 sq. Ft x 2.49 lbs = 32,868 lbs of Equine Turf™ PremARC™ Arena Footing needed)


PremARC™ can be packaged two different ways to fit your specific needs:

  1. 50 lb. Plastic Bags
  2. 2,000 lb. Super Sacks

Installation Instructions:

  1. PremARC™ PremARC™ Arena Footing delivered in super sacks should be dumped throughout the arena and spread evenly with a front bucket or rear blade.
  2. PremARC™ PremARC™ Arena Footing delivered in 50 lb. Bags can be hand dumped and spread with a rake at the desired depth. (See coverage example above.)
  3. After the material is dumped, it can be mixed in with a spike tooth drag or naturally just by normal use.

Pricing & Delivery


Pricing is based on quantities ordered and is available upon request.


Delivery will be based on mileage and best transportation quotes obtainable at time of order. Cost for delivery will be added to the total invoice.

NOTE: PremARC™ is commonly delivered in a semi-trailer. Be sure you have access for a 75 foot long, 13 foot high, semi-tractor and trailer. (It is necessary for gaylord boxes and super sacks to have a forklift or tractor with a front bucket for unloading purposes.)

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